Who we are

My name is Kim and my husband is Ben and we have two really great kids; a son in his first year of collage as a left handed pitcher and a daughter married and raising our 2 beautiful grand daughters, with our first grandson on the way in June.

Remember the days when you were young, vibrant and every outfit you put on looked and felt wonderful. Oh how I do, and I miss it, every day. But I still love clothes. I love comfy clothes! I love beautiful clothes that make me feel young and beautiful.

Because of this love of clothes we decided to open our on line boutique after years of me talking and researching and watching other people live out their dreams and go for it, we decided it's my turn.

In the past few years I've really enjoyed watching the on line boutiques that do the live shows so you can really see how the outfit looks on, not just looking at pictures and getting the product in the mail to find out the fit is not up to par.

The thing is most of the boutiques have young girls fresh out of high school modeling the clothes. Where are the older women? I mean Come On, 50 is still young and we still want to look good and wear stylish outfits. 

So that's where OliviaGrace Boutique comes in.  My goal is to help you feel beautiful and comfortable in what you wear and have fun while doing it. Hopefully for every age!